OIA-MCO Pickup Times and Locations – Shared-ride

Pickups to Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Airport Shared Shuttle Stops $48 per-person one-way
All shared shuttle must have a minimum of 4 passengers to be scheduled

Monday – Friday

Ocala Shuttle Stop Location:

                                                                                10am Arrival              2pm Arrival          4pm Arrival

Burger King – 3811 SW College Rd, Ocala:           7 am                          11 am                              1 pm

(Pickup behind Drive-thur in parking lot)

Winn-Dixie – 11310 U.S. 301, Belleview:              7:30 am                     11:30 am                      1:30 pm

(Pickup in parking lot closet to Hwy 301)

Lake County Shuttle Stop Locations:

                                                                                10am Arrival           2pm Arrival           4pm Arrival

Palm Plaza – 714 N. 14th Street, Leesburg:            8:15am                   12:15pm                       2:15pm

(Pickup in parking lot behind Dunkin Donuts)

Circle K/Shell – 11610 US 441, Eustis:                     8:45am                  12:45pm                      2:45pm

(Pickup in parking lot next to Kurt St)

Upon arriving at the Orlando International Airport you will be dropped-off at curbside check for the airline you have chosen.

Pickup from Orlando International Airport (MCO)

When you get off your plane:
If you have baggage proceed to your designated baggage claim area to get your luggage next,
Take the elevator down to Level 1 (Ground Transportation).
Walk outside the doors and look for parking space 14 or 15.
The shuttle vehicle will have blue lettering and has Lake Limo on the doors or windows.


Departing Terminal B (B14/B15):

10:30am, 2:30pm, 4:30pm

Departing Terminal A (A14/A15):

10:45am, 2:45pm, 4:45pm